Which tech company has the biggest problem?

In this week’s USA Today tech article: – Google’s stock plunged to its lowest point in a decade on Wednesday, with shares of the search giant plunging more than 2 percent and its revenue plummeting 6 percent.

– Facebook has already announced it will be taking a $3 billion write-down in the next three years.

– Microsoft is set to announce the first earnings results for the fiscal year ending March 31.

– Apple is expected to report its third quarter results Friday.

– Amazon.com Inc. said it is planning to make $2.3 billion in revenue for fiscal year 2019. 

– Apple has been accused of using “backdoor” software to gain access to a variety of devices in order to spy on users.

“It is extremely disappointing that our stock price continues to decline,” Apple chief executive Tim Cook said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The company’s business is changing, and the pace of innovation is changing.

Our future is on the rise.

We must continue to be innovative, creative, and bold to stay relevant.”

– Reuters / Getty Images – Associated Press writer Tom LeGro/Getty Images