Which computer engineer jobs are on the rise?

We’re seeing more computer engineers on the move across the UK and in Europe, according to new figures from IT Salary Agency.

The agency, which helps people find their dream job, also revealed that UK salaries have risen by around 5 per cent since the start of 2017. 

It is a welcome increase, especially when we consider that there are around 30,000 jobs in the UK that are currently advertised for computer engineers.

But while we are seeing a rise in computer engineers, the real jobs of the tech industry are in the fields of software engineering and software development. 

We asked the agency for the top 10 highest paid computer engineering salaries across the world and the results are quite different. 

The top 10 most popular engineering jobs in each country are listed below. 


Software Engineer, London – £53,000 (USD$61,000) 2. 

Programmer, San Francisco – £49,000 ($65,000 -$66,000 ) 3. 

Database Architect, Boston – £45,000  4. 

Hardware Engineer, Silicon Valley – £43,000 ($)5. 

Data Scientist, New York City – £42,000(USD$52,000, €50,000 /$54,000 $61,500 /$69,000 6. 

Security Engineer, Seattle – £40,000($45,400 -$48,000?) 


IT Engineer, San Jose – £39,000 (£43,200 -$45,200)8. 

Systems Architect, Los Angeles – £36,000$39,400(USD $43,100 /$47,500)9. 

Senior Architect, New Zealand – £33,500(USD $39 -$40,500)(USD$40 -$42,500($45) /$46,000)(USD $41 -$43,500/$48)10. 

Digital Design, San Diego – £30,000