Which British companies earn the highest wages in the oil and gas sector?

The world’s largest oil and natural gas company, Shell, earned $1.3 billion last year in profits of $9.4 billion, according to the most recent annual report.

But it had a lower share of its income in the company’s core operating segment than its competitors.

The world-wide average share of earnings in the core operating group was 25.3% of revenues in 2015, according the report, published on Monday.

Shell, which is based in Houston, Texas, employs about 14,000 people in the US and is valued at $8.6 billion.

But Shell’s earnings in its core operating division rose to $931 million from $891 million in 2015.

Its core operating income in 2015 was $2.5 billion, up from $2 billion in 2014.

In its core business, Shell was able to invest in oil exploration and production as well as on refining and processing operations.

In 2015, Shell’s core operations accounted for 55% of its revenue, up slightly from 54% in 2014, according for the report.

Shell is currently in a legal dispute with the US government over whether it can continue to ship crude oil to foreign countries through a pipeline through Canada and the US.

Shell’s shares closed up 2% on the news.

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