What’s the best way to get a prescription refill?

Machine shop worker Neslai Sibykin said he used to buy the medicine in pharmacies, but that now they sell it online.

He says he usually pays for it with a credit card, but sometimes he doesn’t.

Sibyanin says he uses his card to get prescriptions from pharmacies, and that sometimes the pharmacy is unable to ship the medicine because it has expired.

Siyalov says he doesn. 

Siyalovich and other pharmacies in the region also refuse to take cash, and they often have to resort to using the internet to sell the medicine. 

“The problem is that most pharmacies are closed,” Siyaltov says.

“The money from them is only given to the doctors and nurses.”

Siyalyov says the pharmacies are also the biggest source of the medication. 

The region’s pharmacies are often the only source of medicine for the millions of people who need it.

It’s not easy to find a doctor in the city of Izhevsk, or the regions largest city, Omsk.

The region is the epicenter of a global opioid crisis that has killed more than 5,000 people and displaced more than 2 million. 

Some pharmacies in Izhevskiy say they’re unable to meet the demand. 

In December, the local mayor ordered a nationwide recall of about 2,500 pharmacies.

The recall order was partially lifted in early February, but the local government has been unable to replace them. 

Local pharmacy owner Sergei Karpukhin says the local population suffers from high demand, and so the pharmacies cannot afford to run full-time. 

Karpukin says some of his pharmacy’s staff are already out of work, and there are several people who are working in the same shop, without pay. 

 “I can’t get the medication,” he says. 

For Siyyalyov, his situation is not all that different. 

He says he pays about $20 a month for a medication he needs for his chronic asthma. 

A doctor in Izhenes town told him he has to take the medicine from another pharmacy in the capital, which is why he doesn`t have the medication he is using at home. 

While Siyylov has the medication at home, his wife, who is in her 20s, needs it for her chronic pain.

He uses a local pharmacy in Izhansk to buy medicine for her and her parents, who also live in the area.