What is the ‘spoon’ engine?

A car that is powered by a spinning engine, called a ‘spoo engine’, has been used by manufacturers in the past, but it was not widely used.

Now a new design has emerged.

The carmaker’s Spark unit, or turbocharger, uses a turbine to produce power, while the wheels and tyres also generate the energy.

The result is a car that can generate up to 800kg of torque from a single battery pack, and can drive the same road as a supercar.

The Spark unit has been developed by Ford Motor Co, Toyota Motor Corp and Audi AG.

The team behind it says the system is safer, faster and more environmentally friendly than a conventional turbochargers.

The first vehicles will have their wheels, tyres and engines fitted in 2019, with production set to begin in 2021.

“The Spark is an innovative, lightweight and cost-effective alternative to conventional turbocharging for all-electric cars,” said Michael Bausch, the chief executive of Ford.

“We believe that its performance and reliability make it an attractive choice for the mass market and will deliver a significant reduction in emissions and CO2 emissions compared to conventional combustion-engine cars.”

The Spark is currently being developed by Volkswagen AG, BMW AG and Renault.

Volkswagen is the only US automaker to have an all-electro-diesel engine in its vehicles, and is developing a similar system in its Audi A6 sedan.

Toyota has been working on the Spark since 2011.

Audi and BMW have been working towards the same goal for several years, but in the end it will be a technology that has to compete with Tesla, which has already achieved a massive sales lead in electric cars.

Toyota says the Spark’s design is similar to that of the all-wheel-drive version of the Toyota Prius, which is used in its hybrid Prius Plug-In hybrid.

“It is a new and innovative concept for the world of electric vehicles, which brings us a huge advantage to the company, which also has the advantage of being one of the world’s largest carmakers,” Mr Bausche said.