Manu Natarajan to head Google search engineer salary: report

Manu Narayanan, Google search engineering chief engineer and the third person in the team who is being offered a $1.8 million-a-year job, is expected to get the job after the board of directors votes on his proposal, said a source in the search engine giant’s board of governance.

Ahead of the meeting, Google said that Narayanantan will receive a $2.2 million severance package for his services as the Google search chief engineer.

He is expected be awarded the role by the end of April.

The search giant has been in talks with Narayanapalli Rao, an associate professor at Cornell University, about taking him on as the search engineer, the source said.

Natarajanan, who was a search engine engineer at the company before joining Google in 2013, will become the second Indian to take a job with the company after Google CEO Sundar Pichai in 2013.

He will be joining Google’s search division from a new position as a senior product manager, Google’s vice president of engineering, Rajan Rao, said in an interview on Wednesday.

Narayanapalani, whose previous experience includes at Nokia, has worked at Google as a product manager since 2012, but his work experience in search and technology has been limited.

His current role is as senior vice president and senior product developer.

The search division has also recently seen layoffs, with about 3,000 people laid off as of March 31.

While Narayanakan’s experience in technology and the search division could be an asset for Google, he is also likely to face competition from a group of people who are being promoted from search engineers.

For example, one of the biggest candidates for the job is former CEO Larry Page, who is now president of the search giant’s parent company Alphabet.

The company has also hired some former Google employees in the past.

Narayanas appointment comes after Google laid off another 1,300 engineers in the company’s first quarter, marking a sharp drop from the 3,400 laid off in the same period last year.

The severance packages given to other search engineering personnel have also been slashed.

The total severance for the search engineering team this year is $1 million, and is about $500,000 less than the severance of $2 million that was paid out to Google’s senior product managers last year, the sources said.

Google has also said it is exploring other ways of increasing its workforce.

The parent company is looking at adding more senior engineering roles to its search teams and hiring more software engineers.

Google has also been actively exploring the possibility of making other divisions more open, including offering senior roles in its search team.