How to disable Tesla’s battery-boosting software

WASHINGTON (AP) — Tesla’s software allows the company to detect when its cars are running out of juice, but the company doesn’t seem to know why it’s being used to monitor the engine of its cars.

Tesla’s Autopilot technology uses cameras to determine when the car is on the road and whether the car can drive.

It can then detect a car in a parking lot and activate its adaptive cruise control, the most advanced version of that feature in the world.

It’s been used to steer cars safely and safely without human intervention, but it can also be used to control autonomous vehicles.

Tesla spokeswoman Andrea Gossen said in an email to the AP that the company had not received any complaints about the system, which is available in the U.S. and other countries.

But some Tesla owners say they can’t get the software to stop the car when it detects that it’s running low on battery power.

Tesla told the AP the software could detect that the battery was low enough to trigger the system’s self-destruct system, in which the battery is released and the engine shut down to stop an engine fire.

Tesla has since fixed the problem, Gossens said.

Tesla is still developing software to recognize when its Autopilots are running low, but Gossents email said the company was working on a “feature update” that would be made available to customers soon.

She said that the update would allow owners to manually shut down the engine during low-power situations.