How to become a better engineer

In the past year, many engineers have been making waves in the tech industry, becoming millionaires or at least billionaires, while others are struggling to find a way to support themselves after years of working in high-pressure environments.

The top 10 highest-paid engineers in the U.S. are:1. 

Jared Newman, Engineer, Intel2. 

Michael R. Delaney, Chief Architect, Dell3. 

Paul M. Waddell, Founder and CEO, VMware4. 

Jeffrey K. Kagan, Co-Founder, Google, CEO 5. 

Scott B. Hall, Software Engineer, Oracle6. 

James A. Miller, Systems Engineer, VMware7. 

Brent E. Cramer, President, Hacking Team8. 

Kevin Kelly, Director of Engineering, VMware9. 

David S. Miller Jr., Chief Operating Officer, VMware10. 

Patrick O’Rourke, Senior Software Engineer, Cisco