How the world’s biggest engineering companies are using robots to make everything they make cheaper

Engineers working on industrial robots are turning to drones to get things done, with some companies investing in drones themselves to help reduce labor costs.

The latest development comes from the US, where the US Army is developing a drone that can deliver payloads to remote military installations.

The Army has partnered with a robotics firm called Black Ops to develop a drone for the Army that can carry large quantities of equipment to remote locations.

The drone can carry a small payload and can fly at about 300 feet, or about 1,000 metres, to a target location.

The US Army says it is working on an unmanned aerial vehicle to deliver equipment and supplies to remote bases.

The robot can be used to deliver things from the base to a customer’s warehouse, which is often the point of delivery.

The army is also working on a drone to deliver supplies to a remote outpost and is testing a remote-controlled vehicle to move heavy equipment.

A soldier takes a selfie on a remote military base in Afghanistan in 2015.

Reuters/Afghanistan Ministry of Defence A robot called ‘the Rhino’ carries equipment from a remote base in the north-eastern province of Khost to the depot.

REUTERS/Afghani National Defence Forces The Army is also developing drones to deliver military supplies to military bases in Afghanistan.

The Rhino drone can fly up to 1,500 feet and can carry up to 4,000 pounds of cargo.

In this image provided by Black Ops, the Black Ops Robotics Drone can deliver a small piece of equipment.

Black Ops is a drone company based in San Antonio, Texas.

An image of a robot being tested in an open field near a military base.

BlackOps has been developing drones for the US military for years.

This image of the Black ops drone is part of a series of images captured by Black ops in Afghanistan during a test flight.

Black ops is a robotics company based out of San Antonio that is also helping the US to develop drones.

Here’s a picture of a Black Ops drone being tested.

Blackops is a drones company based to the US that is working to develop remote-control drone systems.

Black Ops drones are used to carry heavy loads, including a helicopter, large pieces of machinery and other equipment.

The company’s latest drone, the ‘Rhino’, has a wingspan of 5 feet and weighs a total of more than 1,700 pounds.

The Rhino is designed to be flown from the ground to a certain point on the battlefield.

This is where the drone’s payload can be delivered.

The Black Ops drones will be used by the US government to carry out missions like search and rescue and to deliver cargo, as well as the use of the drones to search for and mine unexploded ordnance.

The drones will also be used for search and destroy missions and as aerial refueling vehicles.

The drone has been designed to deliver a payload to a destination from a distance of 10 to 15 miles.

For its part, Black Ops has been working to improve the capabilities of its drones, which it says are better able to handle the types of missions the US is asking them to perform.

Black OPS has also developed the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which are also used to drop large amounts of ordnance and to carry equipment to a location.

Earlier this year, the US Air Force signed a deal to purchase four Black Ops UAVs.

According to the Air Force, the drones will allow the air force to conduct “precision, high-definition aerial search and seizure operations in remote and remote-contested environments”.