How much does a factory engineer earn?

The average industrial engineer in the UK makes £26,500 a year, according to the Institute of Directors.

The median pay for a junior industrial engineer is £27,000 a year and the median for senior industrial engineers is £39,400 a year.

The salaries for the two professions are comparable, but they do differ widely.

Here are some other key facts about the industry.


The most common type of industrial engineer – industrial engineer salaries range from £25,000 for junior industrial engineers to £36,000 and up for senior ones 2.

The average salary for a senior industrial engineer and the average salary of an industrial engineer junior, respectively Source: Institute of the Royal Engineers and Engineers Union (IREU) 3.

The highest pay of all – the industrial engineer’s average annual salary is £36.7 million, or $57.9 million – according to a survey by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

It’s more than triple the average industrial engineering salary of £19.8 million, according the IFS.


The UK is a world leader in industrial engineering and the most industrialised country in the world, with the UK ranking third in the European Union in terms of industrial engineering output.

This year, the UK exported a record £1.3 billion worth of machinery, machinery and related equipment to Europe, with £1 billion going to the EU. 5.

The world’s largest industrial base is China.

The country accounts for 10 per cent of the global industrial base and is a key supplier of industrial equipment.

The biggest industry sector is machinery, with Chinese companies producing almost 30 per cent.


Industrial engineering is a high-skill job, with apprenticeships offered to graduates, but some people are worried that the skills gap in the industry could be closed due to the increasing use of robots.


Industrial engineers have the lowest rate of redundancy in the country.

The Royal Engineers has set up a new apprenticeship scheme to help with this.


Some of the world’s best industrial engineers are from China.

These are the engineers who have built the world of the next great generation of industrial engineers, such as Tesla, IBM, Google and SpaceX.