Google hires engineer to design a ‘biological engineer’ software application

Google announced a new hire on Wednesday who will design software to help companies better manage their own genetic engineering.

The search giant said the appointment of a biological engineer to work on a new genetic engineering tool was part of a strategy to develop software for the company’s search engine, where the company hopes to find more users, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The company has already hired a genetic engineer to lead a team that develops its own gene editing tools, and the bio engineer will be working on the company ‘s efforts to improve its algorithms for generating human-readable results, the WSJ reported.

According to Google, the new software will help Google more easily identify the best genes for users, and better manage its genetic engineering project.’

The genetic engineer will work with our engineers and researchers on developing software to make it easier to identify and manage genes and proteins in a way that will improve the quality of results,’ a Google spokesperson told the Wall Streets Journal.