Ford is looking for an engine knocking coach from the UK to work with its 2019-2020 Mustang production engine

Ford is trying to find a new engine knocking program to help build its 2019 Mustang production engines.

Sources say the Ford program is in its early stages and that Ford will need to hire someone with expertise in engine knocking.

It will be a big hire to be honest, and Ford will have to put together a team of people.

Ford has said it’s considering putting its engine knocking teams together as part of its future Mustang production plans.

The company has not released any official details, but sources say Ford is searching for a new program to work on its 2019 production Mustang models, but the team needs to be in place by the end of 2019.

Ford said in a statement that it is working with experts on the topic.

The goal of the engine knocking effort is to help create a platform to create the next generation of engines and components.

Ford also hired Chris Dickson, the former president of the UK’s automotive assembly plant, as the company’s engine knocking expert, according to a Ford statement.

Ford will be hiring a team from the company, which will include a “number of different engineering and engineering-related roles.”

Ford says the program is being led by former General Motors engineers who previously worked at the assembly plant.

Sources say the hiring will be similar to how the program was created for the 2018-2019 Ford Expedition, with a handful of engineers joining the team each year.

Ford is currently working with three different engine knocking experts on its engine, transmission and brake packages.

It also has a small group of engineers in its engine building department that works on the production lines and is expected to work closely with the team.